West Coast went all out to bring Adelaide tagger Tyson Stenglein home, eventually giving up its first two picks for the Subiaco product. The club got itself back into the middle stages of the draft by trading a slowing Chad Morrison home to Victoria as well as former high draft picks Callum Chambers and Paul Johnson. The move paid off, with Matt Rosa and Mark LeCras picked up with the selections obtained for Johnson and Morrison respectively.

Player arrivalsEdit

Rookie promotion: Brett Jones

Exchange period: : Tyson Stenglein (Adelaide)

Father-son selection: Mitch Morton (Claremont)

National draft: Mark LeCras (West Perth), Matt Rosa (North Ballarat Rebels), Brad Smith (Subiaco)

Rookie draft: Aaron Edwards (West Coast, redrafted), Ben Sharp (Oakleigh Chargers), Ashley Thornton (Peel Thunder), Beau Wilkes (Claremont)

Player departuresEdit

Retired: Glen Jakovich

Exchange period: Callum Chambers (Carlton), Paul Johnson (Melbourne), Chad Morrison (Collingwood)

Delisted: Trent Carroll, Michael Collica, Kane Munro, Aaron Edwards (rookie), Clancy Rudeforth (rookie)

Exchange periodEdit

Traded To For Notes
Pick 12 (Danny Meyer)
Pick 28 (Chad Gibson)
Adelaide Tyson Stenglein)
Paul Johnson Melbourne Pick 29 (Matt Rosa)
Chad Morrison Collingwood Pick 37 (Mark LeCras)
Callum Chambers Carlton Pick 57 (Brad Smith)


National draft

29. Matt Rosa (North Ballarat Rebels)

37. Mark LeCras (West Perth)

44. Mitch Morton (Claremont, father-son selection)

57. Brad Smith (Subiaco)

Pre-season draft

Did not participate

Rookie draft

9. Ben Sharp (Oakleigh Chargers)

25. Beau Wilkes (Claremont)

40. Ashley Thornton (Peel Thunder)

52. Aaron Edwards (West Coast, redrafted)

Other players draftedEdit

Pre-season Draft

5. Jarrad Schofield (Fremantle)

2005 playing squadEdit

Senior list
16 Damien Adkins 1 Michael Gardiner 4 Daniel Kerr 14 Mark Seaby
6 Drew Banfield v 11 Travis Gaspar 19 Mark LeCras* 37 Adam Selwood
43 Zach Beeck 23 Darren Glass 21 Quinten Lynch 15 Brad Smith*
10 Michael Braun 35 Kasey Green 33 Phil Matera 41 Brent Staker
26 Sam Butler 29 Ashley Hansen 25 Daniel McConnell 5 Tyson Stenglein*
17 Daniel Chick 8 Jeremy Humm 2 Andrew McDougall 22 Beau Waters
9 Ben Cousins 39 Adam Hunter 12 Mitch Morton* 44 David Wirrpanda
20 Dean Cox 38 Brett Jones 31 Mark Nicoski 13 Josh Wooden
32 Andrew Embley 18 Rowan Jones 24 Matt Rosa*
7 Chad Fletcher 3 Chris Judd 28 Ashley Sampi
Rookie list
45 Aaron Edwards 48 Jaymie Graham 36 Ashley Thornton*
40 Michael Embley 34 Ben Sharp* 42 Beau Wilkes*

(* New addition to playing list | v Veteran)