In the offseason from hell, captain and star midfielder Chris Judd demanded a trade to Carlton, and "spiritual leader" Ben Cousins was sacked after his off-field issues escalated following the death of close friend Chris Mainwaring. Two other premiership players also departed, with Rowan Jones retiring at 27 to pursue a career in finance and Daniel Chick delisted, again due to off-field issues.

On the positive side, West Coast were able to get talented forward Josh Kennedy from Carlton as part of the Judd deal, and drafted future midfield stars Chris Masten and Scott Selwood.

Player arrivalsEdit

Exchange period: Josh Kennedy (Carlton)

National draft: Brad Ebert (Port Adelaide Magpies), Chris Masten (East Fremantle), Tony Notte (Swan Districts), Scott Selwood (Bendigo Pioneers)

Pre-season draft: Patrick McGinnity (Claremont)

NSW scholarship selection: Ryan Davis (North Shore)

Rookie draft: Ashley Arrowsmith (Calder Cannons), Lewis Stevenson (Claremont), Will Sullivan (Western Jets), Beau Wilkes (West Coast, redrafted), Callum Wilson (South Fremantle)

Player departuresEdit

Retired: Rowan Jones, Josh Wooden

Exchange period: Chris Judd (Carlton), Mitch Morton (Richmond)

Delisted: Daniel Chick, Ben Cousins, Ashley Sampi, Ben Sharp (rookie), Llane Spaanderman (rookie), Ashley Thornton (rookie), Beau Wilkes (rookie)

Exchange periodEdit

Chris Judd and pick 46 (Dennis Armfield) to Carlton for Josh Kennedy, pick 3 (Chris Masten) and pick 20 (Tony Notte)

Mitch Morton to Richmond for pick 35 (ontraded to Western Bulldogs)

Pick 30 (Jarrhan Jacky) and pick 35 (Sam Reid) to Western Bulldogs for pick 22 Scott Selwood


National Draft

3. Chris Masten (East Fremantle)

13. Brad Ebert (Port Adelaide Magpies)

20. Tony Notte (Swan Districts)

22. Scott Selwood (Bendigo Pioneers)

Pre-season Draft

7. Patrick McGinnity (Claremont)

Rookie Draft

12. Lewis Stevenson (Claremont)

28. Ashley Arrowsmith (Calder Cannons)

43. Will Sullivan (Western Jets)

55. Callum Wilson (South Fremantle)

59. Beau Wilkes (West Coast, redrafted)

62. Ryan Davis (North Shore, NSW scholarship selection)

Other players draftedEdit

4. Cale Morton (Melbourne)

52. Bradd Dalziell (Brisbane)